How to deal with sweaty, frizzy hair


Although the humidity and perspiration of the rainy season can cause kinks in the hair, the root cause of these problems lies in the hair.

To put it clearly, it is related to the influence of “heredity. However, even if the influence of heredity causes strong kinks, it can be minimized and even prevented if you master how to care for it.

How to control frizzy hair

There are several causes of kinky hair.

The hair root is warped from the start.
An imbalance in the moisture content of the cortex (cortical cells of the hair).
Hormonal imbalance caused by nutritional deficiencies and lifestyle disorders
Changes in hair texture

Solving these causes one by one will help eliminate “swell. Then, by properly drying your hair and using a straightening iron, you will be able to control “swell” as much as possible.

Now, here are some simple key ways to care for your hair. While “kinks” are affected by humidity and moisture, you can control them by lightly dampening your hair with a misting spray, then applying styling products to your hair as if you were smothering it, and drying it with a hair dryer.

Also, it is important to straighten the hair during the drying process. After getting out of the bath, comb through your hair before the kinks appear, and then dry it with your hands, pulling slightly and leaving a straight aftertaste. In some cases, once the kinks are attached, it may be necessary to wet the hair very thoroughly to straighten it.

This technique controls the amount of moisture in the hair to suppress kinks. If your hair has strong kinks, this process will give you a more relaxed blow-dry look than usual.

If your hair is very frizzy, it is important to recognize that frizz = a problem with the moisture content of your hair. Also, if you try to elongate it with styling, it may just be sticky or not elongated due to insufficient moisture. If the hair’s shape is held in place with moisture, it is less likely to absorb moisture from sweat and humidity, which can reduce kinks and waviness.

In addition, fixing with heat has the power to hold straight hair more firmly than just using a hair dryer. It is also important to master a straightening iron that is easy to use. There are a variety of styling products available, but it is best to use products such as those specially designed for kinks.

Nighttime hair care is also important.

After using styling products, be sure to take a bath at the end of the day to remove any dirt. If styling products get stuck in the pores, they can cause dandruff and itching. Also, by conditioning the scalp environment and making it healthy, you can naturally reduce the severity of swirls and kinks.

After getting out of the bath, it is also important to replenish and adjust the moisture level in the hair with a rinse-off treatment. Try to moisturize your hair and prevent it from drying out.

By making good use of tiling products and hair care items, you will be able to cope with frizzy hair that gets worse due to sweat and humidity.

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