How to deal with frizzy and swell hair☆ Straightening hair? Or?


Having trouble getting a good haircut due to sleepiness and waviness is a common problem for people with frizzy hair. In this issue, we have compiled a list of several methods for dealing with frizzy hair, including hair straightening.

Straighten your hair if you want immediate relief.

Straightening is the most common way to ease frizzy hair. This treatment uses strong chemicals and heat to change the bonds in the hair, so it can basically straighten even the most frizzy hair. Once straightened, the straightened part of the hair can be maintained semi-permanently, so it is possible to maintain silky straight hair for a while after the treatment.

However, one disadvantage is that it is very damaging to the hair. When repeatedly applying straightening, it is important to consult with your hair stylist and set up an appropriate schedule.

Straightening while taking care of damage! Treatment Straightening

For those who want to straighten their hair but are concerned about damage to their hair, we recommend treatment straightening. In the normal hair straightening process, a high-heat iron is used to straighten hair, but in the treatment straightening process, a hair iron is not used. Also, the treatment straightener uses weakly acidic agents instead of common alkaline agents, so damage to the hair is minimized.

Treatment straightening is characterized by a smooth finish and a smooth feel. Ion steam is used to replenish the hair with moisturizing ingredients.

People who are worried about damage or have damaged hair for the first time should give this treatment a try.

Self-treatment is also effective in controlling frizzy hair

In one sense, hair straightening and treatment straightening are easy, since all you have to do is to have them done at a hair salon. However, the treatment fee is not cheap. For those who want to control frizz and swell on their own without straightening their hair for financial reasons, we recommend self-treatment.

First, apply a leave-in treatment every day after washing hair without fail. Then, about twice a week, do the treatment after shampooing. For best results, use a shower cap or hot towel during the treatment.

In addition to this, a treatment at a hair salon once every two to three months will help calm the hair and reduce frizz and waviness.

Points to keep in mind when ironing yourself out.

When using an iron in the morning to set hair in order to control frizz and swell, it is recommended to use a styling product at the same time. If you only use an iron, there is a possibility that your hair will return to its original state in a short period of time. By using a styling product such as a spray after ironing, the ironing effect is more likely to be sustained.

How did you find out how to deal with frizzy and wavy hair? If you have money and time to spare, why not try straightening your hair and getting it silky straight by straightening your hair or using a treatment straightener? You can also try self-care such as treatments to control frizz and swell.

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