How to color a wig


Wig hair is made of fiber, which is essentially a synthetic fiber. Depending on the manufacturer, many are made of polyester-based fibers. Therefore, wigs cannot be dyed with common coloring agents.

So, here are a few tricks to dye wigs at home.

Dye your wig with “Dylon”!

Wigs can be dyed with Dylon, a typical household dye. Prepare a wig washed with shampoo, salt, a pot to hold the wig, a cup, a stir stick, and a towel. Put Dylon in the cup and dissolve it in boiling water.

Dissolve a larger amount of salt than usual in boiling water. Put the Dylon and salt dissolved in boiling water into the pot and dye the wig. The best temperature for dyeing wigs is between 40 and 60 degrees Celsius. It is a good idea to soak an inconspicuous part of the wig to make sure it will not frizz.

Soak the wig for about 3 days, stirring the hot water occasionally to prevent uneven dyeing. After removing the wig, rinse it thoroughly with lukewarm water or water to completely remove the dye solution, and let it dry naturally.

Wig “tea” dyed in the color of light tea leaves

To dye wigs with “black tea,” prepare 10-15 tea bags of black tea for every 2 liters of hot water. You should also prepare a pot, a splitting board, and a towel. Put the tea bags in enough water to soak the wig well, and boil it over high heat for about 15 minutes.

When the temperature reaches about 40 to 60 degrees Celsius, put the wig into the pot in which the tea was boiled and let it simmer for about 10 minutes. Be careful not to let the temperature rise too high, and stir the water to prevent uneven dyeing. Remove the pot from the heat and leave it for one hour, then remove the wig and rinse it thoroughly with water.

It is recommended to dye white-colored wigs because some of the color will fade when rinsing and the wig will be dyed a lighter color.

Dye your wig using a “copic” and a light-remover solution.

You can also dye wigs with a “copic,” a type of oil-based pen. Use a thick lotion cotton and nail polish remover solution. Soak the thick cotton with more nail polish remover and soak the color of the Copic pen into it.

Quickly dye the wig with the cotton before the nail polish de-icer dries, using a hand that applies it all at once from top to bottom. You can adjust the color by the ratio of the amount of de-icer and Copic Pen ink.

If you make a mistake in dyeing, you can wash the wig with fabric softener to remove the color and start over. Don’t forget to ventilate the area as it produces a strong smell of alcohol. Commercially available oil-based pens can be used to dye wigs in the same way.

Works on natural hair too! Partially dye wigs with hair chalk

Use stick-type hair chalk, which is used for partial coloring of natural hair, to dye the wig. Use a spray or mist to spray water on the part of the wig you want to color. The color will come out beautifully later if the area is thoroughly sprayed with water and moistened.

Place the dampened area on a tissue as a bundle of hair. Slide the hair chalk from the top toward the ends of the hair and apply color. Adjust the color by applying several coats of hair chalk until the desired color is achieved.

Once the desired intensity of color is achieved, dry hair with a low-temperature hair dryer and finish with a coat of hairspray to prevent color from fading. You can also apply color to the entire hair in this manner.


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