How to choose the right shampoo for frizzy hair


For people with frizzy hair, shampoo selection is very important. Although genetic factors have a large influence on frizzy hair, it is the condition of the hair that determines the final result.

However, not all shampoos marketed as “for frizzy hair” are really suitable for frizzy hair. So, what are the criteria for choosing the right one? Here are five points to consider when choosing a shampoo for frizzy hair.

Say goodbye to “family shampoos” that cost hundreds of dollars.

A “family shampoo” is a shampoo that can be obtained inexpensively at supermarkets and drugstores. A normal-sized bottle can be purchased for around 500 yen, making it a strong ally in terms of cost. However, it is true that shampoo can be cheap or poor in some areas due to the quality of the detergent.

Although expensive is not necessarily better, shampoos that cost several hundred yen are not only not suitable for frizzy hair, but may even make it worse.

Perm or color, which comes first?

If you are going to have a perm and coloring treatment, you should basically leave a period of about 10 days (at least one week) between the two treatments. In addition, as for the order in which the treatments are performed, it is preferable to perform perms first.

If coloring is done first, there is a concern that the color will fade when the perm is applied next. These are basic knowledge of the beautician, and will often be explained to you before the treatment is performed.

Non-silicone is an absolute requirement.

Because silicone remains in the hair and weighs it down, many people feel that their frizzy hair is more manageable immediately after using a silicone-containing shampoo. However, silicone remains not only in the hair but also on the scalp. If the pores are blocked by silicone, the hair cannot grow straight and becomes more and more frizzy.

It is recommended that frizzy hair be calmed down by using out-balance treatments and hair dryers instead of silicones.

Choose hypoallergenic and not too degreasing.

Even if you do not have sensitive skin, if you suffer from frizzy hair, choose a shampoo that will not irritate and will wash your hair and skin while maintaining moisture.

Because the distribution of protein, the main component of hair, is not even, frizzy hair is more prone to dryness than straight hair. If shampooing removes moisture from the hair, the dry areas will absorb moisture from the outside air, causing the frizz to appear stronger.

The dryness of hair caused by shampooing can also lead to “over-treatment,” where too much treatment or styling product is applied, so care should be taken to avoid this.

nothing is better than additive-free

Since the scalp has thicker skin than the face and shampoo is generally rinsed off, it is often difficult to tell as soon as you use it that it does not suit your hair, like cosmetics for the face, but the damage can slowly permeate.

It cannot be said that “all additive-free shampoos are good for frizzy hair,” but it is always better to use a shampoo that does not contain ingredients that can harm your hair and scalp.

Focus on surfactant type

Many people think of soap shampoo when they think of shampoos that are good for their hair. However, if a person with frizzy hair suddenly switches to a soap shampoo, there is a high possibility that he or she will fail, so rather than focusing on soap shampoo, let’s start by focusing on the type of surfactant.

Those with frizzy hair should avoid “sulfate-based synthetic surfactants,” which are very damaging to the skin and hair. There are several types, but it is easy to distinguish them. Sulfuric acid type is an ingredient with the word “sulfate” in it, such as “sodium lauryl sulfate.

Shampoos using sulfate-based synthetic surfactants have the advantage of being “inexpensive” and “foamy. If you do not have problems with your scalp or hair, of course there is no problem using them. However, they often contain silicone, which can take away the moisture from your hair, so they are not for people with frizzy hair.

Find the right shampoo for you!

Even if you have frizzy hair, everyone has different hair qualities and washing preferences. Please refer to the above points and try to find a bottle that suits you best, while also taking advantage of trial products.


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