How to care for perms before going to bed to make them last longer|How to dry them? Is it true that tying into a bun is a good idea?

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Have you ever gone to the trouble of getting a beautiful perm, only to have the waves become loose a few days later? It should be easier to style, but sometimes it just doesn’t work.

In fact, permed hair needs care. Take proper care of your hair and make your perm last longer.


How perms work – Shape of the hair
Permanent wave mechanism – Perm solution
The cause of perm removal is dryness!
Shampoo is unnecessary, treatment is necessary
How to dry your hair to make your perm last longer
Sleep well without worrying about it
To avoid mistakes

How perms work – Shape of the hair

If you have a sleeping habit in your hair, it will return to its original shape over time, and using an iron will not keep it wavy forever.

Hair has a fairly strong shape-repairing ability. The hair has a complex protein structure with a core at each end that holds the hair in place and keeps it straight.

If one of these cores breaks, the balance of forces is lost and the hair bends to one side. Perms apply this action to create waves in the hair.

Perm Mechanism – Perm Solution

Two chemicals are used in perms: one component and two components.

The first component, which is applied to the hair first, is responsible for cutting one side of the hair core, which is made of protein. The loss of support on one side creates waves in the hair.

The second component, which is then applied to the hair, reconnects the cut core, allowing the first component to maintain the shape of the wave and the second component to hold it in place. In this way, a permanent wave that does not disappear for a long period of time is completed.

Dryness is the cause of perms coming off!

Why do perms, which are supposed to hold their shape for a long time, fall off so quickly? It has to do with the moisture content of the hair.

In the case of a common perm, known as a cold perm, the more moisture in the hair, the tighter the wave will be. Even if your hair is naturally flowing, everyone has experienced that it becomes choppy as soon as it gets wet.

If the hair is too dry, the perm’s ability to hold the wave is weakened. If you want your natural waves to last longer, you need to be careful to keep your hair moisturized.

Shampoo is not necessary, treatment is necessary

It is said, “You should not shampoo your hair on the day of a perm.” This is because the cleaning ingredients in shampoo weaken the effect of the perm solution. It is better not to wash your hair for 2 to 3 days if possible.

Then what about treatments? If the shampoo is no good, the treatment is not no good either. Rather, treatment is essential to make perms last longer.

Treatments not only repair damage but also moisturize. By taking care of the delicate state of your hair, you can make your perm last longer.

How to dry hair to make perms last longer

To make your perm last longer, you need to dry your hair while keeping it adequately moist.

First, remove moisture by pressing a towel against the skin. Next, wrap the towel around the hair and wipe away the absorbed moisture. Never scrub the hair.

Use a hair dryer with the wind blowing on the skin to dry the hair, and stop when the hair is about 80% dry. The rest of the day should be left to dry naturally, and go to bed only when your hair is completely dry.

Do not go to bed with wet hair.
After shampooing at night, do not go to bed with damp hair. If you do, not only will you ruin your perm, but you will also damage your hair by removing the cuticle.

Sleep well, don’t worry about it.

Rinse off the dirt and dry your hair before going to bed, so that your hair will be healthy while you sleep. Some people shower in the morning, but this is not recommended for long-lasting perms.

It is strictly forbidden to apply styling products when you go to bed. If you take good care of your hair before going to bed, even if it looks disheveled when you wake up in the morning, it will be back to normal in no time.

If you have long hair, it is also a good idea to sleep with your hair in a rough “bun” style, using a chou chou or similar. It is also effective to sleep with your hair brushed up so that it does not fall under your body.

To avoid failure

If the hair is dried correctly and the right amount of moisture is maintained, the perm will not grow out and result in a halfway wavy look. It will also be less likely to stick to your bed and will be easier to style in the morning.

Take care to spare a moment after bath time.


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