Have you given up? We’ve got all the information you need on how to fix your frizzy hair!


Many people in the world suffer from frizzy hair, but did you know that if you can identify the cause, you can cure or control frizzy hair? Here, we will introduce the mechanism and causes of frizzy hair as well as how to cure frizzy hair.

Mechanism and main causes of frizzy hair

Many people suffer from frizzy hair, which can be difficult to style freely and can swell and spread, especially on humid days. The phenomenon of frizzy hair is mainly caused by crooked pores, malformation of hair roots, and uneven distribution of protein fibers inside the hair.

The first cause of frizzy hair is thought to be genetic. If one of the parents has curly hair, there is a high probability that the offspring will have curly hair.

Lifestyle can cause frizzy hair

Excessive dieting is also thought to contribute to frizzy hair. It is believed that hair thickness depends on body weight, and repeated dieting and rebounding can cause hair to grow thinner or thicker. Eventually, frizzy hair (hair that is balled up like a bead) will form.

Dirt such as sebum clogging the pores of the scalp can also cause frizzy hair.

Thus, because lifestyle habits can cause frizzy hair, some people develop frizzy hair in adulthood.

Measures to control frizzy hair

Did you know that there are ways to cure or control frizzy hair? By using an acidic out-bath treatment on frizzy hair and drying it as it is, you may be able to improve frizzy hair.

Also, be sure to wash your hair carefully and still rinse out the shampoo and treatment thoroughly. If the rinsing time is too short, additives in shampoos and other products may clog the pores of the scalp.

It is also important to maintain a regular lifestyle to avoid extreme weight changes and excessive sebum production. Eat a nutritionally balanced diet and exercise moderately on a regular basis.

Straightening and perms are one of the means

It is possible to make frizzy hair nearly straight by straightening or perming it. However, straightening and perms do not completely cure frizzy hair.

The effect will fade with the passage of time, and the amount of damage to the hair will increase the more times it is done. When it comes to straightening and perms, it is important to understand that they are “temporary.

Once the cause of frizzy hair is known, measures can be taken to address the cause. Let’s find out the cause of your frizzy hair based on your life and surroundings.

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