From Shampoo to Facial Yoga. How to take care of your scalp the right way.


To have beautiful hair and to take care of thinning hair, all you need is to take care of your scalp. Here are some simple scalp care tips that you can do yourself, from washing your hair in the bath to massaging your scalp.

Correct shampooing method

The purpose of shampooing is to keep hair and scalp healthy. However, many people are washing their hair in the wrong way. Are you washing your entire hair with shampoo? Are you washing too hard every day to keep your hair clean? Your wrong shampoo may be promoting hair damage.

Hair is most vulnerable to damage when it is wet and moist. At this time, the hair cuticle expands and the hair is in a very vulnerable state. So what is the correct way to wash hair?

Shampoo is not for washing hair, but for washing the scalp, and the role of the shampoo agent is to wash away dirt and unnecessary sebum in the pores of the scalp. First, apply the lathering shampoo agent to the entire scalp and gently massage the scalp with your fingers as if to dissolve the sebum. Dirt on the hair can be rinsed out with hot water, so there is no need to be conscious about washing the hair.

After shampooing, rinse thoroughly, focusing on the scalp. If shampoo product remains on the scalp, it can cause itching, dandruff, and clogged pores.

To ensure a thorough rinse, double the amount of time you spend shampooing.

How to rinse and condition properly

The purpose of rinsing and conditioning is to coat and protect the surface of the hair and improve its flow. However, many people confuse rinsing with treatment. Rinse and conditioner are applied after washing the hair and rinsed off immediately, but it is wrong to leave it on and massage it in, as is the case with treatments.

Treatments allow the ingredients to penetrate into the hair, and leaving them on for 5 to 10 minutes will nourish the damaged areas of the hair. However, rinses and conditioners are designed to prevent hair from creaking and make it easier to run your fingers through your hair, and have only a coating effect. Therefore, rinsing out the conditioner immediately after application is fine.

Also, if you apply a lot of conditioner to the scalp or massage it in, it will block the pores and cause dandruff and odor. To maintain beautiful hair, apply rinse/conditioner at a distance of 5 cm from the scalp, focusing on the ends of the hair.

Massage methods that can be incorporated into daily life

Scalp massage is an effective way to grow beautiful, firm hair. By promoting blood circulation in the scalp, oxygen and nutrients are supplied to the hair matrix cells, which not only nurtures a healthy scalp, but also helps to grow beautiful hair.

The ideal care is to massage from the top of the ears in a circular motion with four fingers, from the bottom to the top of the scalp, and finally to apply finger pressure to the top of the scalp. However, it is a hassle to massage continuously every day, isn’t it? So, if you are busy and don’t have time! Here is a massage that can be done efficiently and effectively even by those who are too busy to do it.

Facial yoga,” which can be done “while” without using hands, promotes blood circulation to the scalp!

Facial yoga to strengthen frontalis and occipitalis muscles
Slowly raise your eyebrows and open your eyes for about 5 seconds.
Slowly close your eyes for about 5 seconds.
Repeat this exercise and you will feel the top of your scalp move well.

Facial yoga to strengthen the sternocleidomastoid muscle
Turn your head slowly to the right until it reaches the point where it turns.
Hold for 5 seconds with the image of slightly thrusting the chin forward.
Turn in the opposite direction.
Hold the same way for about 5 seconds.
Repeat three times on each side. This will stretch the neck muscles and improve blood circulation from the base of the neck.

Daily brushing promotes blood circulation

Brushing is an effective way to promote blood circulation, which kills two birds with one stone by giving you shiny hair.

The advantage of using a brush is that, unlike finger massage, it allows you to quickly and evenly touch the scalp and remove sebum and dirt clogged in the pores. For brushing, we recommend using a nylon brush with moderate firmness, a hog hair brush, or a cushion brush.

If your hair is tangled, brush the ends first and then brush the entire hair.

Improvement from dietary habits

To grow healthy hair, we need a healthy scalp, which is the foundation for producing hair. While it is important to stimulate and care for the scalp, we should first review our daily diet to nurture a healthy scalp. Here are some nutrients that you should actively consume to help care for your scalp.

Vitamin A
Normalizes cell division and maintains a healthy scalp. Foods rich in vitamin A are mainly liver, eel, and green and yellow vegetables.

Vitamin B group
Activates cell division of hair matrix cells by promoting metabolism. It is also expected to enhance the body’s immunity.

Foods rich in vitamin B group are
B2 → Green and yellow vegetables, eggs, soybeans, liver, dairy products, etc.
B6 → fish, liver, meat, bananas, cabbage, walnuts, soybeans, etc.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E dilates capillaries, allowing nutrients to reach the head. Major foods containing vitamin E include seafood, sesame seeds, and nuts.

In addition, sugary and oily foods promote excess sebum, which can clog pores and make hair thin. Additives in foods such as instant foods, processed foods, and boxed lunches from convenience stores are examples of such foods.

These foods are easy and easy to consume, but we should try to avoid them as much as possible and be proactive in our lives to create beautiful hair.


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