For those who don’t know their hair texture! How to distinguish between stiff and soft hair|How to shampoo and care for your hair.


Is your hair texture hard? Or is it soft? If you take care of your hair without knowing its texture, you may be taking care of it incorrectly. Why don’t you learn how to recognize your hair texture and change to the correct care method?


What is stiff hair?
What is soft hair?
How to distinguish between stiff and soft hair
Correct care and setting method for bristly hair
Correct care and setting method for soft hair

What is bristly hair?

In general, the term “bristly” in hair describes a hair texture in which each strand is stiff and firm. Hair is also bristly when it is thick and plentiful. The proteins in the hair are tightly bound together and there are no gaps in the cuticle. It is firm and is a sign that the scalp and hair are healthy.

However, stiff hair is difficult to curl and may be stiff and hard to manage, requiring special care and setting. Stiff hair does not necessarily mean that the hair is frizzy.

What is soft hair?

Soft hair is thin and soft hair. Unlike stiff hair, it has fewer cuticles and less melanin pigment. Because of the low cuticle, this type of hair is prone to split ends and damage.

Because there are few cystine bonds, perms and coloring are difficult to apply and easy to remove, but it is also relatively easy to manage and set.

Soft hair does not necessarily mean less hair, but in men, male hormones may cause a change from hard hair to soft hair. This softening of hair can cause thinning and hair loss if it progresses.

How to distinguish between bristly and soft hair

How can you tell the difference between stiff and soft hair? You can ask your hair stylist, but there is also a self-test method. Hold both ends of a single strand of hair horizontally and remove one hand. If the hair stays level, it is bristly; if it goes down, it is soft.

Also, try holding both ends and pulling. If it snaps, you have bristly hair; if it grows, you have soft hair. Next, try twirling the hair around your fingers. If the hair grows straight as soon as you pull your finger out, it is bristly; if it stays straight for a while, it is soft.

Proper care and setting of bristly hair

The first thing a person with stiff hair should do to make their hair more manageable is to change their shampoo to an oil-based or amino acid-based shampoo. Soap-based shampoos can make hair even more stiff, so switch to oil-based or amino acid-based shampoos that leave it softer.

Also, applying a thorough treatment and towel-drying your hair thoroughly before drying will also reduce stiffness. When setting hair, use a hair iron that emits steam to make it easier to set. Please give it a try.

Proper care and setting of soft hair

For soft hair care, use a non-silicone shampoo to give bounce and body. Choose a treatment product that isn’t too heavy! For soft hair, it is effective to use a hair dryer while pulling the part of the hair you want to fluff up with your fingers to make it look fluffy.

Once fluffy dry, spread wax with the palm of your hand before applying it to the ends of the hair. If too much wax is applied to one part of the hair, it will lose its fluffy look due to the weight.

You can tell stiff hair from soft hair by a single strand of hair. Remember to assess your hair quality before you start taking care of it and setting it right! You want to make your hair manageable while dealing with your own hair quality.


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