For Men! Techniques for Mixing Gel and Wax


Gel is too hard. Wax doesn’t give shine. Do you ever have such problems when styling your hair? Here are some recommended techniques for mixing gel and wax.

What is the difference between gel and wax?

First, let’s look at the difference between gels and waxes. There are many types of hairdressing products, including gels, waxes, and mousses, each of which has its own characteristics, and how you choose depends on what kind of finish you prefer.

  1. gel
    Apply while towel-drying wet hair. It is characterized by its strong setting power and wet-like shine. It has excellent holding power, but once set, the hair cannot be fixed.
  2. Wax
    Basically, wax is applied to semi-dried or dry hair after the hair has been thoroughly fixed. It is characterized by its ability to freely add movement and bunching at the ends of the hair and to re-set the hair.

Advantages of mixing gel and wax

As mentioned above, gel and wax each have their own characteristics, but by mixing the two, you can get the shine and hold of gel and the viscosity of wax at the same time, making styling easier.

If you have been struggling with the idea of being able to re-set your hair with gel, or the lack of shine with wax, mixing gel and hair wax will allow you to cover both shortcomings. It is also suitable for those with stiff hair that is hard to set, so please give it a try.

Cautions for mixing gel and wax
There are some things to keep in mind when mixing gel and wax.

Gel: hair wax in a 1:2 ratio.
Although it depends on your hair quality and preference, we recommend a 1:2 ratio of gel to hair wax. Be careful not to use too much gel, as the holding power of the gel will diminish the ability of the wax to create nuances. Mix the gel as if you were adding a little shine and holding power to the wax.

However, if you want more shine and holding power, increase the proportion of gel, and if you want more movement, increase the proportion of wax, etc. Adjust according to the desired image and hair quality.

Soft wax is best.
There are many types of hair waxes. When mixing with gel, choose a soft and stretchy type of wax. Conversely, avoid hard waxes. They are not compatible with gels and cannot take advantage of the benefits of both.

Soft waxes have the advantage of blending well with gel and mixing well, making it difficult to create an uneven look. Soft wax also has the disadvantage of low holding power, but this is not a problem because mixing it with gel compensates for the holding power. You can take advantage of the best of both styling agents.

Mix gel and wax for styling

Here are some tips on how to mix gel and wax for styling.

  1. put the wax in your hands first, and then put the gel on top of it.
    If the amount of wax and gel is too much, the weight of the styling products will make the hair sticky and difficult to style, so be careful not to take too much at the beginning. 2.
  2. mix the gel and wax well with the palm of your hand.
    If the mixture is not mixed well, the styling product will not be evenly distributed on the hair. Rub the gel and wax together thoroughly with the palm of your hand until the white part of the wax becomes transparent.
  3. Start applying gel and wax from the roots, keeping an eye on the overall volume of the hair.
    Apply from the root of the hair, paying attention to areas where you want to reduce volume, such as around the bee and at the collar. Pinch the ends of the hair to create bunches, and scatter the hair to the left and right to create movement to create a three-dimensional look.

Mixing gel and wax will keep your hair shiny and stylish, so use the two styling products to your advantage and get an attractive hairstyle that will make you stand out at first glance, where you can say, “It’s okay, no problem!”


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