Even straight hair is fine! Cute hair arrangement with just a twist!


Straight hair is the bane of curly hair, and even if I take the trouble to curl my hair, it falls out immediately. I want to arrange my hair more prettily! I want to arrange my hair more prettily! This time, we would like to introduce an easy and cute hair arrangement for those with straight hair that can be done just by twisting it.

Twisting hair arrangement creates a sophisticated look.

It is more important to create a casual look than to make a solid hair arrangement. Women tend to put a lot of effort into arranging their hair for the sake of fashion, but if the hair is too elaborate, it will look old-fashioned at once.

What I would like to recommend is a hair arrangement that only twists the hair. Until now, most hair arranging has been done by curling or braiding, but by twisting hair, even straight-haired people can transform their hair into something cute!

Just Twist! Two recommended hair arrangements

Hair arrangement with just a twist. How to do it? Here are some details for those of you who are wondering how to do it!

  1. Use for a half updo
    The half updo is popular because it is easy to create a cute hairstyle even on rainy or humid days. However, if you have straight hair and simply put it up in a half updo, you will end up with a plain face. This is where the twisting technique comes in.

First, part the hair randomly in the center. Take an appropriate amount of hair on the right side and divide it into two bunches, then cross the two bunches while twisting them one by one. Once the hair is twisted to the ends, pull out a few strands of hair from the ends upward to create a loose, cute look. Do the same on the left side. Finally, tie both bunches of hair at the back of the head and tie them together with an elastic band.

Fasten your favorite barrette to complete the loose half updo with a cute back style!

  1. Use for bun hairstyles
    The bun hairstyle is perfect for days when you don’t have much time to spare. However, straight hair has the disadvantage of not being able to hold it in place when it is pulled into a bun. For those with straight hair, we recommend a bun hairstyle that combines twisted strands of hair.

First, take a small amount of hair on the right side next to the ear and divide it into two bunches. Once the hair is twisted to the ends, secure it in the back using pins. Do the same for the left side.

Divide the remaining hair in half, divide each into two bunches, and cross the two bunches while twisting them in the same way. Use the same image as if you were doing a braid. Cross the finished left and right sides of the hair at the collar and secure with pins so that the ends of the hair are hidden under the ears.

While looking in the mirror, pull out a bunch of hair to give it just the right amount of nuance. By adding volume to the side silhouette, you can also create a small face effect.

Top and side volume is important for hair arrangement.

When arranging hair, it is definitely a good idea to create volume on the top and sides to make it look more modern. Be careful not to tie a single tight knot or have a flat top as it will result in a disappointing hair arrangement.

Enjoy your cute hair arrangement by skillfully using a twisting technique that even straight-haired people can get away with!


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