Easy to do at home! How to cure frizzy hair

くせ毛 治す方法

Straightening, straightening perms, and other hair salon treatments for frizzy hair are not only costly, but they also damage your hair…. If you are thinking, “If I could do it at home…,” here are five methods you should try.


No.1: Correct shampooing method
No.2:Outbudget treatment
No.3: Use a hair dryer with good airflow to dry hair quickly
No.4: Massage to nourish hair
No.5: Use a hair iron

No. 1: Correct shampooing method

When dirt and sebum accumulate on the ground surface, there is an obstruction at the hairline, and no matter how much you try to straighten your hair, it is difficult to remove the distortion. Therefore, we should focus on “removing dirt from the ground” in daily shampooing.

The following are three specific points to pay attention to.

Comb or brush dry hair before shampooing to remove dirt beforehand.
Pre-wash not only to wet hair, but also to wash the skin.
Both shampoo and conditioner should be rinsed thoroughly.
Particular importance should be placed on number 2. Although it is called pre-washing, if you do not wash your hair as carefully as you do in the main wash, you will not be able to remove dirt properly even after number 3.

No. 2: Out-bath treatment

Outburst treatments have a calming effect on frizzy hair. The amount of out-burst treatment applied can be adjusted depending on the location, so if rinse and conditioner alone are “not enough” for your hair, please take advantage of this. We recommend an oil type that protects hair from the high heat of a hair iron.

Usually, it is blended in after towel-drying, but be aware that applying too much will have the opposite effect, so use less than the appropriate amount. For frizzy hair that tends to spread out, blending oil into the ends of the hair will give it more weight and increase the effect of calming frizzy hair.

No. 3: Dry quickly with a hair dryer with good air volume.

Hair is less damaged when dried with “wind” rather than “heat,” so use a hair dryer with high air volume and dry from the roots. In the dryer stage, you do not need to use a blow-dryer brush, but a hand comb will suffice. For best results, lightly pull the hair through from the roots and settle the ends by squeezing them.

Negative-ion hair dryers, which have become very popular, are also useful for curing frizzy hair because they have the effect of conditioning the cuticles.

No. 4: Massage to nourish hair

To keep the skin healthy, it is essential that unnecessary substances be discharged rapidly and that sufficient nutrients be delivered to the hair. To do this, it is necessary to improve blood circulation in the scalp.

Scalp massage should be performed at least once a day, using the belly of the fingers and a little more force. It is even more effective if you relieve stiffness in the neck and shoulders first, as this will help the lymphatic system to flow smoothly.

Clasp the ears between the index and middle fingers and move them up and down, which will be transmitted to the entire scalp, softening and refreshing even a hardened scalp. This is also a good way to refresh yourself at work.

No. 5: Utilize a hair iron.

The good thing about hair irons is that they can be handled even by those who are not confident with blow-drying. You don’t have to be so eager to iron your entire hair as you would at a hair salon. After drying your hair with a hair dryer, simply iron the ends, bangs, and sides of your hair, and your hair will be much easier to handle the next day.

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