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People with frizzy hair tend to take a long time to set their hair, and some are seen giving up halfway through the process.

However, by paying attention to the way they dry their hair and their lifestyle, they may be able to control their frizzy hair to some extent. In this section, we will introduce the causes of frizzy hair as well as some tricks to easily control frizzy hair.

Many causes of frizzy hair are said to be genetic

People with frizzy hair tend to have hair that spreads easily throughout the entire head, and especially on humid days, the waviness and bounce tend to be more noticeable in the bangs and other parts of the hair. This means that it takes longer for people with frizzy hair to set their hair, and in some cases, people with frizzy hair give up halfway through setting their hair if they do not have enough time to spare.

There are believed to be a variety of causes of frizzy hair, but one of the most common causes is “heredity.

If one of the parents has frizzy hair, there is a 70% or greater chance that the child will have frizzy hair.

Pores can cause frizzy hair.

Some people develop frizzy hair as an acquired condition. When sebum and dirt clog the pores of the scalp, hair growth is inhibited, resulting in frizzy hair.

In many cases, shampoos and hair care products are the cause of clogged pores. In particular, if shampoo or other products containing additives are left on the scalp, the additives can clog the pores.

Therefore, it is important to carefully rinse off shampoo and hair care products after use.

The backstage technique for easily straightening frizzy hair

If you want to straighten your frizzy hair easily, try drying your hair in a different way. You may be able to control frizzy hair by using a hair dryer while pulling your hair with your hands.

When using a hair dryer, pull your hair left and right as you dry it. It is also important to apply the hair dryer from the root in order to straighten the hair from the root.

However, be careful not to pull the hair too much and be careful about the temperature of the hair dryer. Since there is a risk of causing serious damage to the hair, keep the pulling force to a painless level and be conscious of drying the hair slowly at a low temperature.

Lifestyle changes can improve frizzy hair

In some cases, frizzy hair has been improved by reviewing lifestyle habits such as eating habits. If the scalp environment, such as clogged pores, is the cause of frizzy hair, try to lead a regular lifestyle and eat a well-balanced diet.

It is also important to control hair damage on a regular basis. If you take good care of your hair on a daily basis with treatments and other products, you may be able to control frizzy hair to some extent.

The causes of frizzy hair vary from person to person, but by paying attention to how you dry your hair and your lifestyle, you may be able to improve your frizzy hair. If you are suffering from frizzy hair, try the tricks introduced in this article proactively.

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