Easy care to start if you suddenly worry about thinning hair


The problem of hair loss and thinning hair that you can’t talk about with others. You want to age beautifully, but the word “bald” comes to mind. Here are some easy ways you can start taking care of your hair right away. Let’s get hair that will last forever!

What are the causes of thinning hair in women?

First of all, rest assured that women will never have top baldness like Nampei’s. That is caused by male hormones attacking the pores, so women need not worry.

Then, there are three causes of thinning hair in women: poor blood circulation, ultraviolet rays, and childbirth. However, after childbirth, hair that was originally scheduled to fall out simply falls out all at once, so it will gradually return as long as you live your life as usual.

The problems are poor blood circulation and ultraviolet rays. Both of these factors prevent sufficient nutrition from being delivered to the hair follicles, making it easier for hair to fall out and making it look thinner and thinner. The reason why sufficient nutrition is not delivered to the hair follicles is simply that poor blood circulation prevents sufficient nutrition from reaching the hair follicles.

Also, exposure to ultraviolet light hardens the collagen layer deep in the skin, preventing the hair follicles from reaching close to the blood vessels and thus not receiving enough nutrients. Both of these things are possible in our daily lives, and if we are not careful, we can be affected without even knowing it.

As for how to deal with UV rays, you can usually prevent most of them by wearing a parasol. So what can we do about poor circulation?

Techniques to stimulate blood circulation during daily shampooing to prevent hair loss

Stiffness is a major cause of blood circulation problems in the scalp. Many people may say that they have never noticed any stiffness in their scalp… but do you have any of these symptoms?

Stiff shoulders.
When you touch your scalp, it feels hard and tense.
You have a habit of wrinkling your brow.

All of these things affect the stiffness of the scalp. The scalp is the foundation of hair. For vibrant hair, let’s prepare the environment for it.

Easy! Steps to eliminate stiffness during shampooing

1: Warm your shoulders and neck
If you cannot soak in a bathtub, take a shower for a few minutes on your shoulders and neck.

2: Get blood flowing from the neck to the head.
After rinsing your hair and scalp well, wash out your neck with shampoo product. Be conscious of the fact that your fingers should touch the scalp.

3:Increase blood circulation behind the ears and next to the side of the head
After washing the back of the head, wash the sides behind the ears and next to the side of the kohlrabi. If there is room, it is better to wash the scalp in a circular motion as if lifting it upward.

4: Increase blood circulation to the top of the head
Finally, wash the top of the head thoroughly with your fingers. How does it feel? Does your head feel warm and fluffy?

5:This is important! Decoction of the head
Not to finish the shampooing because the blood circulation in your head has been improved, but to relax your forehead, which has large muscles, after rinsing the shampoo. Rotate it with your fingers. If you feel pain, it is a sign of stiffness. Please take your time to loosen it.

Continuing to do this every day will not only help prevent hair loss, but will also make your skin beautiful. We hope you will make it a habit and stay a beautiful woman forever.


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