Care and styling techniques to make the most of your frizzy hair!


Those with “kinky” hair, which makes their hair wavy. Some women may envy them for their smooth hair. However, why don’t you make the most of your individuality and find “a style that makes the most of your frizzy hair in your own way”?

Here are some styles and care you should try before straightening your hair, which can damage it.

Is long hair easier to style for frizzy hair?

Some women with frizzy hair want to straighten their hair by straightening it. Straightening will give you beautiful straight hair, but repeated use will damage your hair. And there is a certain burden financially as well.

Since frizzy hair is part of your personality, think more positively and look for styling that makes the most of your frizzy hair. Have you ever been advised to have longer hair if you have frizzy hair? For the type of frizzy hair that bulges out at the root of the hair, long hair will be easier to manage.

The weight of the hair will elongate the frizz and make the swell look lighter. When styling your own hair, the frizzy hair will grow out and become easier to handle.

Short hair is a cute way to organize frizzy hair.

Since wavy hair can appear differently in different people, if you feel that the appearance of wavy hair is too harsh when it is long, you may choose to have short hair. If you are clumsy, short hair is easier to style than medium hair, especially if you have short hair.

To make the most of your wavy hair, put it in a wispy, short style for a cute hairstyle. Shortening the top part of the head and leaving a little bit of the collar to give the hair some movement will give your hair a cute look that only curly hair can give you.

If you want to boldly assert your individuality, play with the ends of your hair. You can also apply a loose perm while watching the flow of the swell.

If you want your hairdresser to create hairstyles that make the most of your frizzy hair

To get a perm or cut for frizzy hair, it is recommended to ask a hairdresser with solid technical skills. It is better to ask for word-of-mouth recommendations for hairdressers or to appoint a person who is the manager of a store.

Of course, communication with the hairdresser is also important. Have them understand the quality of your hair and its frizziness, and consult with them before deciding on a hair style. It is also important to tell them that you want to have a hairstyle that makes the most of your frizzy hair without straightening it.

If you have magazine clippings of hairstyles that make the most of your frizzy hair that you would like to use as a model, please bring them with you. It is also important to create a hairstyle that suits your face shape and contours, without being too preoccupied with your frizzy hair.

Daily treatments and hair-drying routine!!!

Even after having your hair cut or permed at a hair salon, daily care is essential. For those with frizzy hair, it is especially important to use a treatment after shampooing every day without fail.

If you have frizzy hair, it is also important to dry your hair properly using a hair dryer. To make your hair more manageable, be sure to dry your hair before going to bed. Drying your hair at least one hour before going to bed will make styling easier the next morning.

Let’s make the most of it and enjoy attractive hairstyles.


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