Can it really be cured? Getting to the bottom of the theory that frizzy hair has been cured.


For people with frizzy hair, the humid season from the rainy season to summer every year is a real problem. Even if you dry your hair thoroughly, a few hours later, it still sways and bounces like it always does! I hate it! Every woman with frizzy hair has probably experienced this frustrating feeling.

Review the proper way to towel dry.

When you towel dry your hair, do you rub your hair together and wipe it vigorously? This can cause further damage to fragile, frizzy hair. It is important to dry your hair until it is thoroughly but semi-dry, so as not to damage it.

First, wipe your hair as if wrapping the entire hair and gently patting it down. Wipe your hair slowly with a massaging motion, as if you are trying to get the hair to absorb moisture. Once your hair is half-dry, you can shorten the time you spend with the dryer, which will also reduce damage to your hair.

One way to dry your hair makes all the difference!

Directly exposing hair to heat from a hair dryer can cause split ends and breakage, and can also make hair frizzy. Before using a hair dryer, dry hair thoroughly with a towel and apply an oil or emulsion type treatment mainly to the ends of the hair.

If you apply it to the roots, it will block the scalp, so apply it at least 5 cm away from the roots. The key is to dry hair extensively by shaking the hair dryer at least 15 cm away from the hair, rather than applying it to one spot. The cuticles will come out and hair will be shiny if you blow air from the roots to the ends of the hair.

Finally, cool air will help to lock in the cuticles and prevent the formation of kinks.

Minus ion dryers are great for frizzy hair.

Negative ion dryers are overwhelmingly favored by people with frizzy hair. The characteristic of frizzy hair is that moisture easily escapes and dries easily, but negative ions prevent dryness by locking moisture in the hair while drying it.

In addition, it also conditions the cuticle, so a negative ion hair dryer is recommended for frizzy hair that is difficult to make shiny. When purchasing a negative ion dryer, be sure to choose one with a built-in negative ion generator.

Note that some inexpensive products have only an ionic finish on the surface and do not have long-lasting effects.

Try shampoo and treatment for frizzy hair

For shampoos and treatments to be used daily, you want to choose shampoos that suit your own frizzy hair. People who have started using shampoos for frizzy hair have expressed surprise at how much difference a change in shampoo and treatment can make, although it varies from person to person.

There are various types of shampoos and treatments, including shampoos for frizzy hair recommended for those with hair that swells and kinks, and all-in-one types that are effective for damaged hair, kinky hair, and thinning hair. There are various types of shampoos and treatments for frizzy hair, so why not try one that you think might be right for you?

The measures for curly hair introduced in this article may not apply to everyone, but some people may see results immediately after trying them. We hope that those who suffer from frizzy hair will find a good way to improve their hair by reading this article.

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