Can I curl my straightened hair with an iron?


You may have silky straight hair, but sometimes you want to enjoy curly hair. You want to go out on a date or to a party with a hairstyle that shows off your femininity.

However, some people worry that the straightened hair will come off. In this article, we will introduce the precautions to take when using an iron after straightening your hair.

What is the compatibility between hair straightening and an iron?

Now, let me introduce how to use an iron after straightening your hair.

  1. Is it safe to use an iron on straightened hair?
    It is possible to use an iron on straightened hair after straightening. Using an iron does not make the effect of straightening hair disappear or fade. It is not something that can be removed so easily.

However, it is easier to remove the curled part than when you do not straighten your hair, so you need to be creative. Also, you may find it difficult to curl your hair.

Some salons do not leave any unnecessary chemical ingredients in the hair after the treatment and return the customer to the salon after the treatment. According to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, 72 hours (3 days) is the standard time to use the next chemical solution.

It is also a good idea to judge by the smell left in the hair. As many of you may have experienced, when you shampoo your hair at home after treatment at a salon, there may be a permanent or color (mainly ammonia) smell. This is due to chemicals left in the hair. After the smell has been gone for a couple of days, the damage caused by the chemicals and iron heat has lessened.

Using an iron immediately can cause damage to the hair. You should wait a few days after the treatment before using an iron or hot color.

When using an iron, be sure to apply a heat-protective rinse-off treatment. And be aware that there is a risk of heat damage.

If you keep the time you apply the iron to your hair as short as possible and repeat that while monitoring the situation, you will be able to curl your hair beautifully while minimizing damage. It may be difficult until you get used to it, but once you learn the tricks, you will be able to do it smoothly.

  1. There are different types of hair straightening
    As you know, when you hear the word “hair straightening,” you probably imagine straight, silky hair. It is a reliable technique that can handle humidity and the rainy season.

However, there are some people who find it unnatural. Recently, there is a more natural hair straightening method. Some straighteners are straightening hair to the point where you don’t notice the frizz and damage to the hair is kept to a minimum.

If you want to enjoy curly hair more often, you may want to choose a hair straightener as well. It is easy to curl your hair, and it will not be bad to have it stay that way.

It would be a pity if the damage is noticeable even if you have gone to the trouble of straightening your hair. You need to take care of your hair on a daily basis and also make sure not to put stress on your hair.

Use the right styling products!

There are a variety of excellent styling products available at affordable prices. Try choosing one for curly hair.

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