Always look at it after you apply it! How to care for your hair after straightening


Straightened hair looks like silky straight hair, doesn’t it?
However, the straightening process has damaged the hair…!
Let’s get straight hair with less damage by performing correct aftercare.


6 points of aftercare for straightened hair
Let’s make your straight hair last longer with proper care.

6 points for aftercare of hair straightening

After straightening your hair

Refrain from shampooing as much as possible on the same day
Do not do anything that will make your hair frizzy for at least 48 hours.
Use shampoo that is mildly acidic.
Use treatment for damaged hair.
Do not use products for frizzy hair
Dry your hair thoroughly before going to bed
Keep these six points in mind!
If you follow these points, you can make your hair straightening last longer.

(1) Avoid shampooing on the day of hair straightening as much as possible.

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Basically, you should not shampoo your hair for 24 hours after straightening.

Hair is slightly acidic. Many hair straightening agents are alkaline, which opens the cuticles of the hair, and furthermore, friction when washing the hair may cause damage.

In addition, many shampoo products on the market have strong cleaning power, which can easily cause damage even when hair is in a healthy state.
Therefore, if you shampoo your hair with commercial shampoo products when it is in a delicate state after straightening, it will certainly cause damage.

If you are concerned about stains or odor, simply wash your hair with hot water without applying shampoo products.

I really need to shampoo!” Points to keep in mind


When shampooing on the day of straightening, it is important to wash gently to avoid friction on the hair and then dry thoroughly.

Use an amino acid-based shampoo product.
Do not scrub, but rather rub rather than scrub.
After shampooing, do not scrub, but gently wipe with a towel.
Apply a moisturizing rinse-off treatment and dry thoroughly.
Dry hair immediately, as wet hair is dangerous.
When shampooing, keep the above six points in mind while washing.

2) Nothing is allowed to frizz my hair for at least 48 hours!

It takes 48 hours for the shape to settle.
It also takes about a week for the hair to stabilize, so you need at least 48 hours and a week if you want it to last longer.
During this period, the

Tie the hair with an elastic
Pin it in place
Put your hair over your ears 
Avoid doing anything that will cause your hair to become kinky.
There is a risk that your hair will remain kinky even after you have straightened it.

3) Use shampoo that is mildly acidic.


Hair straightening solutions are made of alkaline agents. In contrast, hair is slightly acidic.
Therefore, use a shampoo that is mildly acidic so that your hair can be restored to its normal state as soon as possible.

We also recommend “amino acid” shampoos, some of which are gentle and nourishing in their cleaning power.
It is important to choose a shampoo with mild cleansing power and to work with hair that is more susceptible to damage.

Which shampoos should be “avoided” after straightening hair?
Be wary of shampoos that contain sodium lauryl sulfate.
It has high detergency and is too stimulating, especially for those with dry or sensitive skin, making hair damage more likely.
It also has a strong ability to remove sebum, so it removes more sebum from the scalp than necessary.
As a result, scalp dryness is accelerated and the scalp environment worsens, which can lead to thinning hair.

4) Treatment for damaged hair

After straightening, hair is damaged.
Therefore, the use of a treatment will help repair the damage.

It is recommended to choose a treatment with strong moisturizing power.
Ideally, you should also care for your hair using both a rinse-off treatment, which is used in the bath, and a no-rinse treatment, which is used before you use the hair dryer.

After applying the treatment, gently comb through the entire area.
For best results, wrap the hair with a towel or plastic wrap and leave it on for 3-5 minutes while moisturizing.

I heard that “treatment makes hair straightening easier to remove…”
It is true that some people say, “If you treat your hair after straightening it, it will revert back to its original texture.
However, considering the damage to the hair caused by straightening, it is better to use a treatment.
If you are in doubt about whether you should have a treatment or not, please consult with your hair stylist, who is a professional hair stylist, before deciding what kind of treatment is best for your hair.

5) Do not use any products for messy hair

Avoid using products that treat frizzy hair.

Products that correct frizzy hair contain alkaline substances.
This may worsen hair damage or cause your hair straightener to fall out.

6) After wetting your hair, dry it thoroughly before going to bed.

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After a perm, you may be told to “dry only the roots”.
However, in the case of straightened hair, dry it thoroughly.

Wet hair is more likely to leave marks than dry hair, making it impossible to maintain straight hair.

How to dry to keep straight hair
Apply hair care products and dry.
Use a hair dryer from top to bottom.
Dry hair while pulling downwards lightly.
Drying with hair care products
Using a hair dryer without a hair care product is like microwaving your hair without wrapping it in plastic wrap!
The moisture in your hair will evaporate, leading to dryness and damage.
Apply milk or oil to your hair before drying.
Since fragrance can also have a healing effect, we recommend choosing a favorite smell.

Dry hair from top to bottom.
Hair has a scaly cuticle.
By drying hair from the root to the ends with the air from the dryer, the cuticles will settle nicely and look shiny and not dry.

Dry while pulling down lightly.
Especially for hair that has grown out a bit, lightly pulling downwards is recommended to fix frizz and waviness at the roots.

Make straight hair last longer with the right care.

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How was it? Aftercare is a little bit difficult, but it is indispensable to make your hair straightening last longer. By taking good care of your hair, you will be able to maintain straight hair for as long as possible.


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