Achieve a fluffy perm! Easy Styling Method


Fluffy perms are popular for creating a soft style without blow-drying or ironing. But when you actually try styling it yourself, it looks like just a shaggy head…haven’t you ever been disappointed like that? In this issue, we will introduce in detail an easy styling method to keep your hair fluffy and permed.

Is that styling method wrong?

If you are having trouble getting the curls out of your fluffy perm, you may be using the wrong styling method. This is because the styling method varies greatly depending on whether the perm is a cold perm or a digital perm. First, let’s look at the difference between a cold perm and a digital perm.

  1. Cold perm…uses chemicals to create curls. When the hair is coated, the curl comes out well.
  2. Digital perm…Uses chemicals and heat to create curls. The curls are created when the hair is dry.

Create a fluffy perm! Easy Styling Method

If you know which type of perm produces stronger curls, wet or dry, you can achieve a fluffy perm by styling it accordingly. Below are some tips for creating a fluffy perm.

Cold Perm Styling Method

  1. Because perms use chemicals to sever some of the hair’s tissue bonds and then rejoin them, the hair is overloaded and weakened. Hair is delicate after being manipulated with chemicals, so in order to keep your hair looking beautiful after a perm, use an out-bath treatment or other treatment to protect it well.
  2. Next, start the hair dryer from the root of the hair. Hold the hair dryer about 15 cm away from the hair and dry the scalp while lifting the hair. Hair is sensitive to heat, so do not use a very high temperature, but rather use a high air volume to dry the hair.

When the hair is somewhat dry, curl and lift the ends of the hair and apply low airflow. When the entire hair is about 80% dry, it is OK; this is the end of the care to be taken the night before.

  1. When you wake up in the morning, apply a permanent mist to the entire hair to restore curl.

Next, apply mousse such as styling foam to the curls. In the case of cold perm, the curls will come out firmly when the hair is wet, so apply mousse to the inside and outside of the curls by scrunching and rubbing it in. You can leave it to dry naturally, but if you have time, use a hair dryer to lightly shape it.

Roll the ends of the hair inward and dry with a low air blow. When the hair is dry, lift the hair up as if rubbing it in. Finally, balance the curls and you are done. For a softer look, create fine bunches of hair and fluff out the curls from the sides of the face.

Digital Perm Styling Method

  1. Dry hair using the cold perm 1-2 method.
  2. When you wake up in the morning, take about the same amount of wax as one pearl, spread it well in your palm, and apply it to the ends of your hair, lifting them from the bottom. If wax is applied to the surface of the hair, it will become sticky and heavy and curls will be dull, so apply it so that it is blended inward.

Finish by creating bunches at the ends with your fingers to balance out the curls.

Digital perms are easy to care for

If you want to create a fluffy perm more easily, we recommend the easy-care digital perm. When ordering a fluffy perm at a hair salon, it is a good idea to bring a photo clipping or image to convey your image.

Let’s enhance your femininity with a shiny, fluffy perm!


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