A must-see for men! Difficult perm styles can be set any way you want!


Some men may want to try a men’s perm for a different atmosphere, but fear that they will not be able to reproduce the style at the hair salon. However, if you know the basics of how to set perms, you can reproduce difficult perm styles in a short time.

Here, we will introduce how to set a men’s perm and how to finish it after setting.

Moderate dampness to create movement in the hair.

When styling hair, avoid using a hair dryer to completely dry hair that has been permed.

Perms are easier to shape when wet. Therefore, if you dry your permed hair completely, it will be difficult to reproduce the same hairstyle as when it was set at a hair salon.

However, it is important to keep in mind that if you wet your hair too much, the weight of the water will seal the movement of the hair, so it is important to keep it moderately damp. When setting permed hair, aim for a semi-dry condition.

When starting from a dry state, use water in a misting spray or a spray-type hair straightener to give hair the right amount of moisture.

Volume changes with the use of a hair dryer.

In many cases, men’s hair is generally shorter than women’s. Therefore, men tend to have healthier hair that is less damaged.

Having healthy hair is not a bad thing, but having hair that is too silky can cause problems such as “volume and movement” being difficult to achieve.

If you want to successfully recreate a permed style, try to blow dry your hair as if you were drying it from the roots down, lifting the hair as you dry it. Drying from the bottom, rather than from the top, makes it easier to create fluffy volume.

Know the characteristics of wax and gel and use them differently.

Even if you set your hair in the creative way described above, it will be meaningless if it returns to its original state when it dries. If you want to maintain set hair, you should use a hair conditioner such as wax or gel.

Wax has the ability to hold a hairstyle in place, but it is not meant to stiffen it. It is suitable for creating bundles of hair ends and natural movement.

Gels, on the other hand, hold hair more easily than waxes, but once set, they are more difficult to redo. Another feature of gel is that it gives hair a wet, shiny look.

It is important to understand the characteristics of each type of hair conditioner and choose the hair conditioner that best suits the permed style you are aiming for.

Get higher holding power with a finishing spray.

Once you have created your ideal hairstyle, use a spray to help maintain it for a longer period of time. By taking a small amount of hair and spraying it on your hands, you can maintain the hairstyle without losing the tousled look.

There are two types of sprays, one that firmly sets the hair and the other that can be reworked, so be aware of the type of spray to use depending on the style you are aiming for.

If you know the basics of setting as described above, you will be able to easily reproduce the hairstyles at the hair salon immediately after a perm is applied, even at home. Once you get used to it, you can go from dampening your hair to finishing in about 5 minutes. Get the hang of how to set your hair and enjoy permed styles.


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