A must for straight hair! How to style your hair when you can’t get it right.


We will introduce the “why?” and “how to make it easier to manage” for those who have straight hair, such as the hair on either side being hard to manage and giving a straight and stiff image. and how to make it easier to manage.

Straight hair is actually hard to manage!

Straight hair generally conjures up images of easy handling, such as “manageable” or “easy to style. In fact, it is true that straight hair is easier to handle than hair that has a few kinks.

However, even straight hair has its weaknesses. It depends on the hair quality, damage, hair growth, and treatment history, but there are various things that can be said.
It is difficult to manage hair on either the left or right side.
Straight hair tends to look stiff and stiff.
These two points are common among various factors.

First, let us explain the “why? We will tell you the “why”. There is a reason why it is easier to treat hair by knowing this.

Hair is difficult to manage because of the whirlpool.

Hair is difficult to manage on either the left or right side due to the influence of hair flow from the whorl. Most likely, the “right side” is more difficult to manage. This is applicable to those who have a peculiar hair style, but this is because most Japanese people have a “clockwise” whirlpool.
Imagine the hands of a clock on your head. Since the clock turns to the right, the left side of your hair will follow the rotation of the needle and come inward (toward your face). In other words, the hair will flow inward and become more manageable.
On the other hand, on the right side, the needle turns outward (toward the back of the head), so the hair flows outward and is more likely to be tangled.
If you have straight hair, it will bend outward in a straight line, and many people are even more concerned about this.
If you have very long hair, you will not feel the effect of hair flow due to the weight of your hair. (It is less likely to spring back.)

If you can’t fix this, you won’t be able to style your hair!

By the way, those who have difficulty keeping the left side of their hair in place have a “counterclockwise whirlpool”. Statistically, it is less common.

Let’s fix that hair flow by drying it!

To get a nice haircut, this drying method must be used to set the base of the style. Especially for those with medium length hair, which tends to be springy, this drying method should be practiced.

  1. Dry hair from the ground up first.
    At this time, make sure that the air blows on the skin of the hair as much as possible by brushing it up.
  2. Blow dry hair from top to bottom.
    On the right side of the hair, which is more difficult to manage, the hair flow is facing outward, so pull the hair toward your face to dry. Correcting the outward-facing flow inward will make it more manageable.

It is important to use hair clips to separate the hair into two or three bunches when drying and apply heat firmly to the “hair near the skin” while pulling to turn the hair flow inward. The right side, behind the ear, is invisible, but it too is strongly affected by the hair flow, so pull firmly to correct it.

On the left side, it is fine to just quickly tousle the hair inward.

If the left side of the hair is difficult to hold in place, try to move the right side inward.

Soft image is created with curly hair

After all, curling hair with a hair iron or iron is the most effective way to make it look softer. Although it depends on the hairstyle, curling the ends of the hair in one curl will soften the look at once.

The key to making the curls look soft is to cut the hair into steps. The tiers make it easier to create movement in the hair and give it a softer look even when curling only the ends with an iron. If you are not comfortable with adding tiers, it is recommended to add them only around the face.

Wrap a large magic curler around the top and apply a little heat to fluff up the top and add a soft nuance.

The recommended temperature of the iron is 180℃. It is said that a high temperature can cause damage, but many people with straight hair may have to curl their hair several times because it is difficult to get curls. If that is the case, it is better to curl it just once to minimize the damage.

Enjoy your day with perfect styling!

How was it? If you follow the above steps in styling, you can create a soft look even if you have straight hair.

If you are too busy in the morning to spend this much time on styling, start by using an iron.


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