A must for men with bristly hair! Tips on how to set your hair using only wax.


Many boys may have problems with bristly hair. They have problems that only bristly hair can solve, such as stiff and hard to manage hair, and even when they set their hair, they cannot get it just right. Here, we introduce a method for setting hair using only wax, which is a must for men with bristly hair.

Bristly hair problems

One of the problems of men with bristly hair is that it tends to look heavy with a lot of hair volume. They also tend to be “dry and spread out” and “stiff and hard to style. It is somewhat easy to set the hair immediately after cutting, but after a while, it is difficult to maintain.

Basically, stiff hair is hair that is large in volume, hard, and thick. At the same time, it is often straight. Even if you want to create a fluffy, flowing style, you may have trouble setting it yourself, or even if you do, it quickly reverts back to its original stiffness.

Improvement of bristly hair

Boys with bristly hair will want to change their hair texture to make it as soft and easy to set as possible. But that doesn’t mean they should over-perm or over-color their hair to make it softer. This is not a good idea.

Stiff hair is beautiful and healthy with narrow cuticle space. It is a waste of action if you dare to damage it. If you want to change the quality of your hair, why don’t you change your shampoo?

Specifically, switching to an oil-based or amino acid-based shampoo can change the texture of your hair to shiny and soft. Using a heavier treatment is also an effective means. This will gradually change the hair texture to moist and manageable.

Caring for bristly hair

The best way to care for stiff hair is to apply the dryer while holding the part of the hair you want to lay down so that it does not float when drying. This way you can create a foundation for your hairstyle and it will be less likely to spread when setting your hair with wax. Hair drying is especially important for those who suffer from straight or frizzy hair.

If your bangs tend to float, a hair iron is another option. A hair iron with steam will be more effective. Although hair irons are often thought of as being for women, they are also useful for men’s hair setting, so it is convenient to have one.

Recommended for men with bristly hair! How to choose a men’s wax

Now it is time to explain how to use wax.

There are many types of waxes. The main problems of bristly hair are that it tends to be voluminous, dry, and spread out easily, so waxes that can cover these problems should be selected. If you are going to use a wax for stiff hair, you should use a fiber, cream, or wet wax.

Fiber-based waxes are recommended when you want to create a bundled look because they are moist. They are stretchy and easily absorbed into the hair. Because it contains fibers, it is easy to add movement and bundles to hair.

The cream type is moist but can create a fluffy look. Like the fiber type, it is recommended for beginners as it blends easily into the hair and is easy to style.

Wet type (grease type) is effective in reducing volume. It also produces shine, so it can cover up a stiff texture and dryness. Wet type wax lacks setting power, so it is recommended to use it in combination with other waxes.

Gel wax is also effective if you want to make the most of your stiff hair and create a tight, hard hairstyle. It produces a tight, shiny finish and creates a mature look. However, it dries quickly and cannot be modified, so it may be difficult to handle until you get used to it.

Waxes with low oil content and poor extension are not recommended for men with stiff hair. Matte or clay-based waxes fall into this category. Since it is necessary to control dryness and volume, choose a wax with a moist texture.

How to apply wax

The first thing to keep in mind when applying wax is not to apply too much. If too much wax is applied, the weight of the wax will make it sticky, and it will not give the hair a fluffy look. It will also make your hair look less clean, so be careful.

First, apply a small amount of wax to the palm of your hand and between your fingers, and then apply it to the entire length of your hair. For hairstyles that create bunchiness and movement, rub it in from the bottom to the top to create a bunchy look, and use that to set the hair. Touch the bangs last to avoid applying too much wax.

If the hair is badly bedraggled, it is easier to style it by wetting it once and applying a hair dryer to bring back the frizz before applying wax. In this case, be aware that you should hold the part of the hair you want to let lie while you apply the hair dryer.

When setting hair with wax, men with bristly hair should change their shampoo and conditioner to a moisturizing type and try to dry their hair with a hair dryer or hair iron to achieve a calm and relaxed hairstyle.


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