A little trick is the key! How to fix your morning sleeping habits fast!


Have you ever had the experience of having a bad sleeping habit only when you are busy getting ready in the morning and don’t have enough time to get ready? Have you ever had such an experience? It takes a long time to fix it neatly, and even if you try to fix it forcibly because you don’t have time, it will be back to the way it was after a while…. To solve such problems, we will introduce a method to fix your sleeping habit in a short time.

Causes of sleeping habits

Hair is composed of “hydrogen bonds” that bind proteins together. When the hair is wetted or heated, these bonds are separated, and when the hair is dried or cooled, the bonds return. The timing of this bonding is what determines hair habits.
In other words, in order to fix a hair habit once it has been formed, it is necessary to break the bonds once again and recombine them into a beautiful shape.

wet the roots with hot water

Use hot water rather than water to take advantage of the hydrogen bonding properties.
Hot water should also be applied from the roots of the hair, rather than to the ends of the hair, where the habit is formed. Hair habits are formed from the flow of hair from the hairline, so it is necessary to change the flow of hair from the roots.

One of the characteristics of people who say they cannot get rid of their sleeping habit is that they only apply water to the ends of their hair.
Wet the hair thoroughly with hot water from the roots and dry it with a hair dryer after the water has penetrated the hair. At this time, too, do not dry only the ends of the hair, but pull the hair from the roots.

Two birds with one stone! Use “steamed towels

Wet a large face towel with water, lightly wring it out, and microwave it for 50 seconds to make a steaming towel. Place that towel over the habit area and hold it against the hairline until it becomes moist.
If you cover your entire hair with a regular towel over the steamed towel and tie it up, you can use the time to eat breakfast or apply makeup while fixing your sleeping habit.

Once your hair is moist, use a brush to dry your hair so that it is straight.

This method saves time and kills two birds with one stone: water drips onto your clothes when you wet your hair, and you don’t have to keep fiddling with your hair in front of the mirror.
If your office has a microwave oven, you can use a handkerchief and do it at your desk.

Hair dryer is a hassle to begin with.

You don’t even have time for a hair dryer! If you are not a hair stylist, put on a hat after wetting your hair. The inside of the hat will get nice and steamy, and if you take it off just before you leave home, it will be easier to fix your sleeping habit. However, be careful if you are worried about flat hair, as it will reduce the volume of your hair.

How to prevent sleeping habits

The most common action that causes sleeping habits is to sleep without drying your hair.
If you sleep with half-dried hair, the weight of your head will press down on your hair, causing it to form a habit. Be sure to dry your hair properly before going to bed.
It is also said that a pillow with low resilience will absorb the shape of your head, making it more difficult to develop a sleeping habit. Changing pillows is one way to try this.

Mongoloid people like the Japanese are said to have thicker, frizzier hair that tends to stick to their heads. Caucasians with fine hair and blacks with frizzy hair are less likely to have a bed-habit, and there is no direct equivalent of bed-habit in English.
Because our hair is prone to forming habits, we want to make sure that we have a comfortable morning by preventing and taking measures to prevent it.


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