A little effort on the dryer can get rid of frizzy hair!


Hair that is not as manageable as you would like it to be… it gets in unexpected places, and when it dries, it is wavy. However, by simply making a few adjustments to the way you use your hair dryer, you can make your hair easier to manage and solve problems you never thought you would have!

when drying hair, always start at the roots with high airflow!

Set the dryer to a strong air volume and blow until about 80% of the entire hair is dry.

The basic rule of thumb is to dry the roots of the hair first, rather than the ends. Hold a bundle of hair in one hand and lift it upward, while the other hand swings the dryer from side to side from about 15 cm away as if to distribute the airflow, which will speed up the drying process from the inside.

Gradually change the position and dry until you feel no moisture at the roots overall. While the hair is still hot, it is easy to think it is dry, but in fact, the roots are often raw. In any case, dry well from the roots.

use a good hand comb for the ends of the hair

After drying the entire hair, set the details. Human hair tends to flow around the whorl. For this reason, many people have trouble with their hair ends, with the right side of the hair curling beautifully inward while the left side hangs outward in the same direction.

For areas where the outward curl is unavoidable, use a blow brush and adjust to weak warm air to fix the outward curl to a certain extent, and then utilize a hand comb for the rest. For side sections, grab the ends of the hair between your four fingers and apply the hair dryer for 10 seconds while turning your wrist to bend the hair inward.

For the back section, clasp the hair bundle between your thumb and forefinger and turn your wrist inward. This will straighten the hair better than a brush. The key is to do a small amount in several places.

Finish by using the cool air mode to calm the whole hair.

Once the hair is set overall, use the cool air mode for the finishing touch to calm the hair as a whole, which will improve the hold of the frizzy sections. To do this, hold the hair dryer at the top of the head and blow gently from the top down. In this case, curling the hair inward using the hand comb mentioned earlier will also help to keep the hair in place more beautifully.

In addition, using the palms of your hands to stroke the hair down from above as the wind blows from above will reduce excess volume and create a straighter style.

The choice of dryer also makes a difference in the effect.

The key is to dry hair as quickly as possible all at once after shampooing. This is because the longer it takes, the more difficult it becomes to manage frizz and waviness. To achieve this, it is ideal to use a hair dryer with high air volume to dry hair to a certain extent all at once, rather than spending a lot of time at low air volume.

This is similar to the image of having a finishing blow-dryer applied at a salon. In order to save time and to control frizzy hair, it would be good to have a hair dryer with an air volume of 1200w or more. Hair dryers that produce negative ions and those that set water to produce steam are also effective in treating frizzy hair.

By using a hair dryer effectively, you will be able to deal with your frizzy hair!

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